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R&D Center

Floor 1, Affiliated Two-Storey Building Of Lingnan Technology Center, No. 492, Daguan Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

China Factory Address

Room 01, Zone C, 2nd floor, Building A2, No. 113, Xintangzhen Pacific Industrial Zone, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, CHINA

Customer service
For order, technical, and customer support inquiries:
Customize with our public molds
If you need more sockets, we can replace with the sockets you need You have higher requirements for electronic display screens, and we can also systematically customize electronic screens for you to make them look smarter. Or, bind it with the mobile APP to let the mobile phone view all the parameters of the portable power station. Fast charging is also one of the competitive demands in the market. If necessary, we can also install an Anderson interface for you to make it have the function of fast charging. Modifications on our molds, you can describe your ideas in detail, and we try our best to satisfy them.
Customize the mold
Customizing the mold requires your participation with us, involving the development of appearance, structure and function, and the whole process will take a certain amount of time and cost. You will have your own distinctive product features and appearance, so that your products will stabilize your market position. For detailed cooperation plans, please consult our sales engineers.
We sincerely invite you to become a part of this green energy, which not only brings environmental protection to the world, but also greatly brings convenience to areas where energy is scarce. We are committed to a way of life and attitude towards life of people.
Join us and you will get support.
Industry Solutions
When extreme weather such as snow disasters and floods come, power outages have become a frequent phenomenon, but we hope to affect the way people live in the world through our products When your home loses power, you can power your home life with our portable power supplies While you’re out exploring, you can power your camping with our portable power station Whether you are working in the field or climbing a mountain Our Portable Power Supplies That Always Impact Your Lifestyle People’s lives deserve better choices We hope to work with you to create the future together The process of becoming an agent Advantages of becoming an agent: more competitive prices, more technical support, priority to experience our new products, first-hand information resources in the industry. Explore your market needs
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